Releasing Into Fall

Y’all it’s fall! My favorite time of year.

There have been a lot of changes for me lately. They each have been in beautiful concert with the season—releasing and letting things fall away in right timing.

Alignment in our lives is everything.

This is one of the many things I teach. How important it is to know, deeply, what is and isn’t right for us and acting from that internal wisdom instead of our fears, anxieties or external opinions.

We hold all of the truths inside of us that we seek from the external world. If we learn how to cultivate and develop a deep listening, the anxiety just falls away because we just “know” what is right.

With the fall season, we’re being asked—what no longer serves us? Are there things that you can let go of and release in your life that would make you feel lighter, more joyful, more at ease?

Sometimes these things are unseen—patterns we’ve held onto for too long (like self-doubt). Strategies that actually self sabotage instead of propel us forward. Sometimes they’re BIG like letting a friendship go that is more painful than joyful.

Moving out of misalignment into alignment is always right—no matter how easy or how hard.

What I’m letting go of:

  • This month I let go of a coaching job—you know, the kind that pays all the bills to go at it alone.

  • Brittany and I let go of the first vision of this platform and welcomed in a new vision where I’ll be leading this community with Brittany’s support as a loving friend.

  • And, I’m letting go of a lot of wounds from the past through the process of writing my book.

There is a lot releasing and yet, it all feels so stable, grounded, intentional and aligned. That’s the beauty of knowing what is truly right and wrong. When we know with certainty that the changes we are experiencing are right, we can fully welcome and embrace them without resistance.

What needs to fall away for you this season?