Genuine Self Compassion

“Sweet girl, calm down.”

I’ve been having trouble sleeping. Since I had Finn, my hormones have been on a little adventure and 18 months later, I’m working with my naturopathic doctor to bring my body back to balance. 

That means some nights I wake up at 2am for no reason. I’m not particularly stressed, but physiologically my body goes rogue every now and then. 

Last night about an hour into being wide awake, my heart was fluttering out of my chest. With tender care, I put my hands over my heart and silently said the phrase above followed by some deep breathing. And you know what, my heart rate slowed quickly and I slipped into stillness as I laid awake.

Six years ago when I had trouble sleeping I’d say things to myself like “wtf is wrong with you?” Something I would never ever say to someone else.

And that’s the point of this post. Somewhere between then and now I learned how to love myself—like genuinely love myself in a way that I want to nurture and care for my own spirit and heart. 

I talk to myself the same way I would to my closest friend.

Self love gets thrown around a lot. Externally it can look like a relaxing bath, a good book, recharge time, boundaries—and those things are important.


We forget about self compassion—nurturing and changing our relationship with ourself. Talking to ourselves like we would a loved one. Doing the inner work which is the ONLY way to change our outer world. 

December can be quite busy and can amplify stress. What if you showed up in a comforting and compassionate way to YOURSELF this year (as well as others)?

Give it a try, it just may change your life.