Ground that Anxiety


Everyone gets a little anxious, stressed or emotional and in those times, we need something to pull us back down to reality. It’s easy to get caught up in drama—with others or ourselves—especially if we haven’t broken down those old self-sabotaging behaviors. When we get wrapped up in our own reality show, our energy can get trapped in our upper chakras.

We can start spiraling into our emotions and when shit hits the fan, we really need to redistribute our energy and ground ourselves.


Grounding is all about bringing us back into the present moment. Anxiety comes from living in the past or in the future, but rarely comes from the present moment. When we connect into the present moment, it allows us to re-compose ourselves and settle back into our full body.

If you feel lost in your thoughts or emotions, you can use any—or all if you’re feeling frisky—of the following methods to ground yourself.

Follow Your Breath

When you need to move out of the mind and back into the body, following your breath is the easiest and most accessible way to snap back into the present moment.

Yoga Breath

Start by sitting up straight feeling your shoulders drop down your back and away from your ears. With one hand on your belly, close your eyes and take a deep inhale through your nose following your breath with your attention down the center of your body, down into your stomach, filling your belly up with air like a balloon. Then, feeling your stomach empty with your hand, watch the air come back up the center of your belly and out your mouth with an audible exhale. Repeat.

When I’m practicing my “yoga breath”, I like to set a timer for a 5-10 minutes to give me a little ding when I’m all set to move on with my day.

Block Breathing

Another easy way to connect into your breath and reduce anxiety is to do what’s called “block breathing” which is a method even the military uses to keep them calm, cool and collected. This technique is called block breathing because it has four distinct parts. As you do each part of the breath, you can trace an outline of a square in your mind to allow for greater focus.

Part 1:

  • Tracing up the left side of your square/block

  • Breathe in for four “mississippi” seconds

Part 2:

  • Moving to the right, create the top of your square/block

  • Hold your breath for four “mississippi” seconds

Part 3:    

  • Tracing down the right side of your square/block

  • Breathe out for four “mississippi” seconds

Part 4:

  • Moving to the left, create the bottom and close your square/block

  • Hold your breath for four “mississippi” seconds

This pattern of breathing—In. Hold. Out. Hold. Immediately calms your physical body by suppressing your central nervous system. Our breath is powerful and by simply shifting the rate and pattern of our breath, we shift our body to operate in a different mode.

If you feel yourself stuck in anxiety, stress or overwhelm, this technique an easy way to shake yourself out of a loop—and it only takes 16 “mississippi” seconds.


The simplest and easiest way to get grounded is to physically connect with mother nature. Want to get grounded, get outside. It’s really that simple.

Earthing is when we physically connect with the Earth which automatically pulls our energy back down through our bodies. Put your bare feet on the ground and feel the earth underneath your feet—whether that be sand, grass, stones or soil. It sounds so simple, but the direct connection with nature creates a physical, energetic and psychological response.

If you don’t want to go barefoot you can get handsy too. Get out in the garden—feel the earth in between your hands or press them up against a tree and feel the life force inside. No judgement for hugging trees, we've all done it right? 

Energetic Earthing

If you’re not a dig your toes into the grass kind of girl, you can always move your energy with focus and intention.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to imagine dropping an anchor from the root of my spine, more specifically in the perineal part of our bodies (don’t know what a perineum is? Google it—it's where our root chakra lives), deep deep down into the center of the earth and then I imagine the cord that’s connecting the anchor to my body becoming a giant redwood tree while visualizing the roots spreading like wildfire underneath the earth below me until I feel so rooted I become unyielding in any storm. You can’t mess with a rooted redwood!

I have always been a super visual person so for me I create these pictures and scenes in my mind, but if you aren’t super visual you can just set the intention to drop your anchor and grow into a redwood or you can state out loud that you are dropping your anchor and growing your tree grounding your energy into the Earth.

Do whatever resonates the most with you for how you feel like the most powerful creator. The more you practice, the easier it all becomes to connect into mother earth on an energetic level.

Essential Oils

In the beginning—before Whole Foods, Amazon or pharmacies—our ancestors had to use what they found in nature for all things. Essential oils are created from the Earth and have been used for psychological and physical healing for thousands of years.

Herbal medicines have harnessed the power of plants, flowers, trees and seeds—the life force of nature for as far back as we have records. Even our pharmaceuticals today have been developed, derived, or inspired from plant compounds.

Out of all of our senses, our smell/olfactory system is connected directly to our limbic system in the brain. Smelling or diffusing essential oils can have immediate effects over our wellbeing because it either stimulates or relaxes our central nervous system.

When you’re feeling anxiety, stress or stuck in a loop of emotions, grab one of our go-to grounding oils to help you settle back into your body.

  • Frankincense + Myrrh—If it was good enough for the wise men and Jesus, it’s good enough for us.

  • Cedarwood Oil—An ultimate earthy scent that will send earthy, calming signals straight to your brain

  • Balance Blend —A blend of balancing and grounding oils including Spruce which is still used by Native American tribes in ritual

  • Lavender—The Egyptian and Romans were big fans and so are we

Ground Down + Reset

True joy, connection, and ease lives in the present moment. When we’re feeling disconnected or out of alignment with our thoughts, emotions or behavior, grounding is a go-to method to help re-calibrate and balance our mind, body and spirit—they’re all connected people!

When you’re feeling a little up in the air, try out one of these grounding exercises and let us know how it goes!