September Intentions

September Intentions

Oh Hey September!

As we enter a new month, I like to take some quality “me time”  to check in and reconnect with my goals and intentions. Setting aside regular time to dive inward can be really powerful for our evolution as spiritual, badass humans.

The month of September is not only a fresh start to a new month, but also a new season. Pretty soon we’ll be shifting from summer into fall and be preparing to harvest all that we cultivated over the Spring and Summer months.

Shout out to all the pumpkin spice, fall loving people out there!

I find that it’s super helpful to put pen to paper when it comes to setting intentions.

There’s something about writing it out and looking at the intentions that brings life to the ideas you have for yourself. Putting it out there physically helps your subconscious connect to what you are trying to create. If subconsciously you believe you’re worthy of the intentions you’re setting, you’ll start to create and cultivate without even trying.

This shouldn’t be another painful to-do. Have fun with it—let your creativity out and make it something that is visually appealing and empowering. Setting intentions is a beautiful practice that is specific to you and your needs—do what feel best for you boo.

Speaking of accountability, if you want to bring it to the next level share your intentions with someone. I highly suggest choosing wisely when sharing your intentions as they are sacred. Make sure to choose someone who will be supportive of you and your journey in the most loving way.

To get this party started and bring in our own accountability measure, I’m sharing my personal intentions with you!

Lightness of being + Explorative Curiosity

This month I’m looking to bring an air of lightness into all that I do. Asking myself— “How can I do this in the most easeful, enjoyable and light way possible?” As I explore Bali for two weeks this month and dive deeper into my spiritual work, I want to remember to be an explorer and bring in a childlike wonder and play element to not only the “fun” but also the “work”. How do I merge my depth with my joy. How do I dive in fully while remaining playful and light?

Rest + Replenish

It’s time to really restore and reset my physical body. It’s official—I have adrenal fatigue and it’s a beast on my energy levels making it hard to feel light and airy when I’m physically slow moving. It’s time to stop pushing through the thresholds and instead give myself permission to relax into the days of low energy. To take it easy and slow. To work in a sanctuary of pillows and blankets with my laptop propped up in bed. It’s ok to sleep in, start slowly and end early. My body is calling me to slow down, relax and replenish the stores. A good time to sneak away to the jungle and let mama nature give me all her medicine.

Meditate daily

Even when I’m feeling the adrenal fatigue feels, I will connect into the universe for a minimum of 11 minutes so that I continue to foster my connection with my guides, my intuition and the universe (aka God). I commit to doing my minimum 11 minute meditation every single day with a 30 minute meditation at least a few times a week. No excuses. First thing when I wake up or last thing before bed, there is always time.

Meditation = Connection = A life led by the divine and a life full of joy.

Cherish my relationships

With my sister visiting this month, time with my community in Bali and less time with my boys due to travel, I want to cherish every moment with the people in my life when I'm with them. This requires real, radical presence. Being where I am, in the moment and feeling the connection and love in real time. Soaking it all in, every last love drop.

What are your September intentions?

I want to see you! Hop on over to Instagram and tag R+R in your Monthly intentions posts in your stories or feed and use #rawcollective. Let’s all hold space for each other and support one another in sticking with our intentions this month!

Happy September Loves!




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