White Buffalo Calf Woman

I have a ritual where I pull oracle cards each week to reflect on my individual life and the collective whole. 

This is the White Buffalo Calf Woman from @megganwatterson ’s Divine Feminine Deck. She is a sacred figure among the Lakota people and a representation of aligning our actions with our sacred self, with love. 

Often our desires and intentions get clouded by the noise of others, our conditioning or training, our minds, our fears, our ego and they morph out of alignment with the true and pure meaning of what it is we are wanting for ourselves and others. 

Intention—why we want what we want, matters.

I find that the best way to align my actions with my heart is to ask myself when I’m in moments of choice or decision: What decision would I make if I took fear off the table? 

All the decisions that I have made that could have been handled better, have come from letting fear run the show. 

All the decisions that have had remarkable miracles and opened unimaginable doors have come from leading with love, curiosity, and compassion.

The thing is, most of the people I have worked with have been taught how to make decisions out of love for others and forget to balance their decisions with love for themselves. 

So, this week when you’re calling on the spirit of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, look for love in the absence of feeding your fear—this ensures your actions are based on love for YOURSELF as well as others. 

Ask yourself when you’re determining what action to take—what decision would I make if I didn’t let fear determine my choice?