How I Learned To Read The Akashic Records

How I Learned To Read The Akashic Records

Per usual with everything awesome in my life these days, I was completely guided to the Akashic Records by Spirit. I’m an intuitive and connect in with Spirit regularly in my own spiritual practice, and back in December I asked spirit for more.

I said “I’m ready to know more, see more, learn more, serve more.” Now I’m going to be honest here, I was thinking more along the lines of seeing more in my physical space—like seeing the colors of auras as I’m walking down the street or seeing spirits in physical form the way I used to in my first fifteen years of life. I wasn’t really talking about blowing the roof off of my channeling capabilities. But hey, the records are so much cooler so I’m game.

After that ask, within a week I came across at least six independent mentions and references to the Akashic records which made me get curious and look into them. I had never heard of them before and suddenly it was everywhere in my face and I’ve learned how to spot a sign from above. So, I started researching that week and dove into Linda Howe’s work and resources in this area while starting to open the records on myself, channeling my own records. (Which I have to record and listen back to b/c I don’t remember what I channel since it’s coming from somewhere else).

One month later, in my meditation I had asked about a blistering eczema I had on my feet which left it absolutely painful to put on shoes. I knew it was energetic so I took it to my meditation where I received very disturbing information about my childhood from spirit.

In my quest to know more, I got more information I wasn’t expecting, information about my own life. I suddenly became aware of a childhood trauma I had no memory of. I asked my guides “what do I do now with this information?” and they responded “take it to the records” and so I did.

The next day I spent over two hours watching the trauma like I was watching it happen on a movie screen (in a vision—I’m clairvoyant) and then when it was over I asked the records all the questions. Why remember now? Why didn’t I remember it before? What do I do with this information? How do I heal? Do I need to heal if I don’t remember it happening? All the things. I can’t imagine receiving this information without having access to the bigger picture.

As I continued to work in the records it became clear I was also meant to do this work for others. To help them understand whatever areas in their life they needed more information on. To help them grow, heal, expand, accept, release, etc.

In true fashion with life. We ask for things and think it will show up in a certain way, often times it shows up completely different, but better than we imagined.
I LOVE the records because they are so pure from judgment and come from such a loving and compassionate place.

Akashic Record sessions are client led in the aspect that clients ask questions and I would be answering them—channeling the information straight from the records. I always send out an Akashic Record “Prep Sheet” that gives info on the types of questions that are good to ask and things to think about before hand that will make your experience beautiful and productive. Coming in with a list of questions (the prep sheet will help you create your questions) leads to a really productive and informative session. Very ordinary everyday questions can really open up so much beautiful information.

The informations is always specific to the person receiving it and what they are able to receive, what will help them move forward in their soul’s journey at this exact time, and the person’s goals. Some people come in asking about building their business while others might come in wanting to know about their past/other lives.

The beauty about the records is that they have all the information about our lives now and all that our soul has experienced.

Last Thursday I got the information that I should be sharing the records with more people. Because of the message to reach more people ,as an act of service and devotion I’m doing all one hour Akashic Records readings booked this week for only $100.

If you’re interested in booking a session to find clarity, comfort, inspiration, meaning, anything really, I invite you into this special experience.