What Are The Akashic Records?

What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Record is a resource for the soul. It’s a vibrational record of every soul across all lifetimes, in all times, and all places. It holds your soul’s history—where you’ve been before, what you’re facing now, and how it relates to your purpose this lifetime. AND is the record of all of our collective experiences.

It is a beautiful resource for anyone who wants to see the bigger picture, find the purpose behind current events, understand the past in this lifetime or uncover your past lives.

The records are always compassionate, non-judgmental, and direct. The information is never filtered and it moves through me so quickly, I often don’t even remember what comes through.

I LOVE reading the records and acting as a channel between you and the history and wisdom of your soul’s journey.

How It Works

It’s a channeled experience. The records themselves are a spiritual, not physical resource. The dimension in which they are housed is said to exist on Orion’s belt in our Milky Way Galaxy, but the access point into the record comes through my intuitive channeling abilities. Through a very structured process, I connect into the energy and the Masters, Teachers, and Keepers of the records and channel the information through me directly from the source.

An Akashic Record session is guided by your questions. After an initial grounding meditation and opening prayer, Kristen will connect in with the Keepers of the records, Ascended Masters, and Loved Ones that are present and ready to answer the questions you have. From there, you’ll ask questions and Kristen will channel the information she’s receiving.

A few notes:

  • You’ll never receive information you are not ready or prepared to receive. Spirit knows where you are in your journey and what is beneficial for you at this particular stage in your journey.

  • Everything that is communicated is done so with a non-judgmental lens of love. The records are a high vibrational resource and you’ll only receive information that comes from a loving and compassionate place.

  • When asking about relationships (romantic, familial, platonic), you will only receive information that has to do with your soul and your growth. We cannot read someone else’s records to get information on their journey. It’s an invasion of privacy to consult the records to get information on someone else without their explicit in-person consent.

  • Because I am channeling information from the records, my mind is not in a very active state and I do not retain the information shared as it doesn’t commit to memory. If you’d like to record the session on your phone or take notes it will help you to remember important stand out messages.

Unlike my other offerings, this session is mostly led by you—you’re asking questions and I’m channeling the information directly from spirit.

There’s no need to stress over creating perfect questions. Any question can help give you insight and information from your records. I created a prep sheet guide that will be emailed to you after booking to help you reflect on what you might want to learn.

Summer Solstice Special: All sessions booked the rest of June are only $100!

I loved my akashic record reading with Kristen! She has such a safe and loving energy and helped me find a lot of clarity regarded what is conditioned within me versus what is real. She also revealed a beautiful truth I held on to unconsciously and now that it is brought to light, I feel so much more permission to be myself which is so liberating and exciting. Kristen is an amazing ally if you are looking to grow and step more into your truth!
— Hannah