Strengthening Your Intuition

Strengthening Your Intuition

Each of us is deeply intuitive—the difference in those of us who can more readily access their intuition really comes down to one thing—intention to develop and deepen the intuitive connection.

For people like me who have spent many lifetimes working with their intuition in a service capacity, it might seem more apparent that the skill set is there because it’s so ingrained in our way of being, but that doesn’t mean that some people have it and some people don’t. Everyone has intuition and everyone can work to strengthen the muscle no matter how easily (or not) it comes.

If you resonate with being a naturally intuitive person, all you need is the willingness, the guidance, and the practice to turn your natural abilities into a superpower.

Let’s start with what intuition actually is.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is your connection to the divine, spirit, to the higher power of your own heart, your spirit guides, the ascended masters, and your higher self. It is literally a direct line to God, the Divine Mother, natural intelligence, and to the truth of our own divinity.

Intuition is the way our higher intelligence communicates with us and guides us towards becoming the highest manifestation of our selves in this lifetime. It’s always guiding us down the path that would benefit our soul’s growth, purpose, and fulfillment.

Most of the time our Intuition actually guides us towards what we as a culture call “counter-intuitive” choices. The truth is, the only counter-intuitive choices are decisions that are made as a result of siding with logic over your gut, intuitive feelings.

Logic is the mind’s tool and the mind is the enemy of intuition. Often it is only the mind that stands in the way between us making choices that supports our growth and evolution.

The Mind Is All About Safety

The human mind has kept us alive for thousands and thousands of years. It’s what has allowed us to evolve to a place where immediate physical safety isn’t a genuine concern for a large portion of the population. Those base level needs on Maslow’s Hierarchy are satisfied and met. In general, our happiness and fulfillment relies more on our self-actualization and the amount of love & belonging we’ve cultivated in our lives.

The problem is, the only thing standing in the way of our self-actualization and being open and receptive to love & belonging is our mind.

The mind’s main goal is to keep us safe, secure, and protected from danger. To further the species’ survival and to operate our physical bodies that moves us through this world. All of its functions are hard wired to support decisions that are based on fear, protection, avoiding pain, and mitigating risk by using the deepest wounds in our psyche.

If you want to grow, evolve, expand, receive and be open to more love, you will have to stop associating who you are with your mind’s protective strategies.

The mind is not who you are. The first step in the path to awakening is moving out of mind identification to soul identification.

As Eckhart Tolle says in The Power of Now, you are the one who watches the mind, the one who witnesses your thoughts. If you were the mind, you wouldn’t have the ability to bear witness to your thoughts. Consciousness isn’t born in the mind, it is a product of the soul.

Mind vs. Intuition

So how do we know when it’s our mind or our intuition talking to us?

When you’re just starting to build your intuition practice and you begin strengthening your muscles you may not be able to discern the difference between the mind and your intuition. That’s ok, it’s actually part of the process of strengthening your intuition by trying to filter what is and isn’t intuition.

Right now, it’s likely that you’re often guided by your intuition, but your mind steps in immediately to talk you out of it or into something else. At first when starting this process the mind will be louder than your intuition and may stay louder your whole life. The quality of the energy and guidance of the mind is generally more aggressive, less loving, and fear based.

The energy of intuition is always loving and supportive. It tends to be a softer energy and will come in more like a whisper in comparison to the megaphone that our mind uses. More times than not, your intuition is not directing you in a logical way.

The best way to understand what information is coming in from your intuition or your mind is to:

  • Understand how your intuition talks to you specifically—are you more claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairsentient, or clairaudient? More Info Here.

  • Gather the evidence. Pay attention to the messages you get, the hunches, how you respond, how you make decisions and then watch what happens when you follow one type of guidance or the other. Often when we’re starting out, we can only see in hindsight what was our intuition, but it’s a valuable part of the process to see how our intuition was talking to us in the past.

  • Work to strengthen your intuition while also working to de-condition your mind with mindset work

  • Meditate. Prayer is the act of talking to spirit where meditation is the most powerful act of listening. No one is good at meditation when they start and often most will never start because it doesn’t come easily to anyone. This is the number one way to both quiet your mind and turn up the dial on intuition.

If you’re interested in learning more about developing your intuition, I offer three and six month intuitive and energetic intelligence courses starting at $280 per month. You can schedule a free alignment call here to explore!

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