Lions Gate Portal 8-8

Today marks a peak in the energy from the Lions Gate Portal which is open from July 26th to August 12th.

During this time, we see a major metaphysical gateway into a new version of your highest most aligned self.

As Sirius, which can be seen as our spiritual sun, rises to align with our actual sun and the Earth, it pours down its ancient wisdom for our highest alignment. In Egypt, this would correspond with the flooding of the Nile river opening up the gates to the next cycle of abundance and prosperity.

It’s time for your next cycle, it’s time for renewal, rebirth and re-commitment to your highest self.

When you clear our all of your shadows, wounds, and conditioning from the world around you, it’s time to decide WHO ARE YOU and who do you want to step up into moving forward. What do you want to bring out of you into the world? 

Ask yourself: Has something triggered you this week into seeing the ways you need to take greater responsibility or a new role in the way you show up for yourself?

For me, two things have really come to light that I want to upgrade. 

  1. The delicacy of my physical body continues to slap me in the face coming out of cross country travel with the kids—I have been DRAINED this week and I’m so over it.

I’ve been receiving the message from Spirit for the last month that I need to step up even more the way I take care of my body. Earlier this week, my dear mentor @nishamoodley recommended an Auyervedic Panchakarma and I’m devoted to healing my central nervous system, getting rid of all the toxic build up, and reviving my body as a whole. 

2. I’ve received a lot of clarity around who I want to be in the world in relationship to my work. While I know I am a gifted intuitive and coach, truth telling and writing are what my soul is longing for and what I feel the world is longing for. I’ll be re-distributing my energy and effort into the projects I’ve made secondary to my work as a coach. I’ll still be doing readings and coaching, but my availability will be much more thoughtful and structured to support the work that is truly calling me.

Has anything been shifting for you? Now is the time to really take inventory on who you are in this moment vs. who you know you can be at your highest self.  You are receiving supportive information and light codes from the highest of high, try to carve out some time to listen.