Things I would tell my 22 year old self in bullet points:

  • Even though it feels like it, you are not alone, you are more supported than you could ever know.

    What you’ve been taught about the world isn’t true, throw everything out the window and start over.

    What you’ve been taught about God isn’t true, it’s so much better, just wait.

    What you’ve been told about yourself isn’t true, you are worthy of everything you could ever desire.

    Your body and looks are the least valuable things about you, don’t let it define your worth.

    Shame doesn’t last if you’re brave enough to invite it to the dinner party.

    The parts of your story you find most unloveable will be the parts of yourself people will connect with the most.

    Other people’s actions have nothing to do with how worthy you are of love and belonging.

    You are not a victim of anything, if you want something to be different, lead the change.

    The pain won’t last forever, but you can’t get through it alone, find support.

Loving my lost 22 year old self today as I connect into her wisdom, tenacity, grit, and determination. She was a mess, but a beautiful mess at that.