Roadblocks or Redirections?

Y’all, yesterday was a day of roadblock after roadblock—literally.

First, I tried to get breakfast only to find the highway parallel to my route had been closed for hours during the morning commute creating a traffic disaster—by the time I realized what was happening I was stuck. My 10 minute breakfast run turned into a 2 hour detour of trying to make my way back home (without breakfast).

Later in the day, I was driving out to a tea ceremony with @waotea and hit another roadblock of at least ten cop cars closing off the road I needed to take to the highway.

Luckily I had left early enough to navigate the re-direct, but then in ceremony I suddenly realized that I had the timing wrong (thought it was an hour but it was two) and needed to leave early to make it to a class I was teaching.

Through all of this, my phone refused to connect to any map app and I found myself driving blindly through the roadblocks.

It was a hot mess express of a day.
Today in my morning meditation I was summoned into the Akashic Records.

What does that look like exactly? Well, I was in my meditation, sitting with my tea, connecting to my guides when I heard very clearly “come into the records”.

So, this woman does what she’s told by spirit (most of the time). As the masters of the records gathered around me in council they began:

“We called you here for a very important reason. You are not living up to your potential. You already know this, you see the patterns, you see the habits, you know what you need to do to make it happen and yet you’re not doing it. We’ve seen you this week and you’ve been falling back into old patterns and old ways of letting your body, letting the way that you feel, letting your emotions dictate what you do, we need you to remember your power and how strong you are and you need to be stronger then those things. You need to do what it is you know you need to do to fulfill what it is you need to fulfill.” *writing my book*


“You must act or else things are going to get really uncomfortable just like they have the last 24 hours when you’re not doing what you need to be doing the universe tends to throw road blocks your way. You have had literal road blocks in the last 24 hours and that will keep happening until you accept and sink into your destiny. The more you resist, the more you will be resisted.”

Oof. Thanks for the spiritual bitch slap. You’ll find me working on my book all day today, thanks

Have you been experiencing metaphorical or literal roadblocks in your life?

Self Reflection Q of the day: Where could they be trying to re-direct you towards?