Dancing In The Darkness: New Moon + Solar Eclipse

Dancing In The Darkness: New Moon + Solar Eclipse

New moon in Cancer on July 12th and a partial solar eclipse on Friday the 13th are both calling for us to reset and get comfortable in the dark.

For some reason, most of us grow up thinking we aren’t actually supposed to feel our emotions which is seriously f’ed up. Our emotions serve us and if we don’t feel them and let them move through us they create some serious problems later in life.

The new moon calls for introspection. It’s the darkest of the nights and is dancing with the super sensitive and emotional Cancer which can make us feel all the feels. If you’ve been super emotional lately it’s likely in the stars.

Some of us will feel it more than others depending on your birth chart, but the air out there is dense and your loved ones may be opening up about what they’ve been feeling lately good or bad—because Cancer rules home and family so while we’re all dancing in the emotions we’re also reflecting on those parts of our lives.

Don’t take feedback too personally, remember that it’s an opportunity to recognize a shadow in yourself or others and grow from it. We can’t change what we don’t see and none of us have it all together or all figured out.

How beautiful that we get the nudge to be open and expressive which is the only true way to heal or connect deeper?

Solar eclipses also signal a time where the light is blocked completely or partially—partial eclipse, partial blockage—so I’ve been getting the message to ground my energy with all that’s happening around us.


One of my favorite ways to do this is to imagine dropping an anchor from the root of my spine, more specifically in the perineal part of our bodies (don’t know what a perineum is? I suggest you google it—it's where our root chakra lives), deep deep down into the center of the earth and then I imagine the cord that’s connecting the anchor to my body becoming a giant redwood tree while visualizing the roots spreading like wildfire underneath me until I feel so rooted into the earth I become unyielding in any storm. You can’t mess with a rooted redwood!

I have always been a super visual person so for me I create these pictures and scenes in my mind, but if you aren’t super visual you can just set the intention to drop your anchor and grow into a redwood or you can state out loud that you are dropping your anchor and growing your tree. Do whatever resonates the most with you for how you feel like the most powerful creator. The more you practice, the easier it all becomes to connect into mother earth on an energetic level.

With all that’s moving this week, stay grounded my loves and don’t be hard on yourself if you’re feeling those watery emotions—it’s only natural.