Our Lady Of Guadalupe

The other day, I drew the Our Lady of Guadalupe card from Meghan Watterson’s Divine Feminine Oracle Deck. .

Her message to me: Ask for the support from spirit (God or the universe if you prefer) that you need.

I grabbed the card, my journal, my purple pen, and my faux fur pottery barn blanket that feels like heaven and I sat down to reflect. What do I need support with? How can spirit help me? What do I need most right now?

Y’all a lot has been changing around here. I’ve been working for a coaching company for almost 5 years and I just gave my notice last week that I was going to be transitioning out of my role in the next few months. I received the guidance this last week that it was time and it is.

I’ve started writing my memoir about my life growing up in an abusive home and then falling into self-abuse in my 20s. It’s going to require a lot of me professionally, mentally and emotionally, but I’m so excited to share my story with the world. It’s dark, but it’s beautiful.

Raw + Revolution started as a partnership and has transitioned into being  a sole proprietorship--meaning, I’ll be leading this community while Brittany might pop in for a collaboration from time to time. We love each other deeply and we were both directed that this exploration was meant to serve in a different way.

I’m in integration mode.

I’m choosing to stand in my courage instead of my fear.

And….When this card came up, what I thought about was my fear.

How our fears can cause us to make the wrong decisions. Fear is the most self-sabotaging emotion I’ve ever seen. If I’m being honest, I can’t help but be afraid that leaving a steady paycheck in the middle of a big time of investment in my life is a terrible choice, BUT all of these changes have come from guidance and my intuition and I know it is what is right for me overall.

“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow.” —Caroline Myss

And so, when I was asked this morning what support I needed, I sat down to pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe to help turn my fears into faith. If we surrender our fear to our faith, we can continue to make courageous decisions. We still have to show up and do all the necessary work, but we can trust that there is work happening in the background to support and guide our efforts.

And so, I nestled into my cozy blanket, sunk down deep into meditation, called on Our Lady of Guadalupe and waited for her to arrive, and when I felt her presence prayed.


Our Lady of Guadalupe,

Thank you for being here with me in this moment. I am truly honored.

I ask for support + strength to navigate all of these changes and new beginnings with grace.

I am excited to build my own coaching practice and to make this book a tool for healing others. I am fearful that by leaving the company, my income is going to be reduced and I won’t to be able to receive the support I desire in this process.

I know I am supported in the spirit world and I am asking for your help with support in the physical world I live in—for financial resources that will allow me to do all of these divinely inspired things in the most graceful way possible. To build a business that serves and grows others while I’m writing this book in a way that people will feel deeply connected to and healed by.

I am asking for financial resources to be able to pay my bills, pay for the book support I desire (coaching, editing, trips home, etc), pay for my mastermind/sister circle that gives me such beautiful connection, support and soul healing, and a little extra to spend and support my health.

I have heard and am heading the calls.

I am putting my faith over fear.

I know you will help me bring these divine projects into the physical world—helping me fulfill my soul’s purpose of working to raise consciousness through healing others.

I am asking for X a month from coaching clients or to come in any other means. I will be working to do all the things on my end to make finances flow and I vow to stay open and look for signs of support and ways that I can be supported.

Thank you so much for your help. It’s an honor to have you with me in this moment and to connect to your spirit and essence.


And just like that, Our Lady Of Guadalupe  whispered back:

“You will be supported my dear”

That day a saint whispered in my ear that in all of these changes I am going to be supported.

And so it is, and so it shall be.


Is there an area in your life you’re feeling more fear than faith? If so, I invite you into write your own prayer connecting into how transforming this fear will serve your highest self. Call on Our Lady Of Guadalupe, and read it aloud to her.

Spirit, the universe, God will support you if ask for what you need and it’s in alignment with your highest good. So what do you need?