How Getting Intentional Elevates Everything

How Getting Intentional Elevates Everything

Recently Brittany and I chatted on the Podcast about all things intentions and how they can truly elevate everything. Here are five takeaways of our chat to help you uplevel your intention setting game.

We also get raw + real on what our personal intentions are. As we enter a new month, it’s a perfect time to start setting intentions!

My Personal Intentions

In this episode, I open up about owning my power on a new level and embracing the Sovereign Queen archetype. Do you struggle with body image and self love? Girl, we all do from time to time. I dive in deep about reaching for acceptance for what is while simultaneously setting the intention to reach for my “best self”. It’s time to cultivate more self love for my physical body—I mean, this thing did just make a human being. And because I have a long list of things I want to shake up—I’m also challenging my “hustle” story. I’m over hustling. I’m ready for alignment, flow, and magic in my life.  

Here are the 5 key takeaways from our intentional talk (see what we did here?).

  • Intentions and goals are actually very different. Goals tend to have a destination  - they are external. You are planning how to get to a certain outcome. Where intentions are internal and are based on how you want to feel. When you set intentions you set into motion what you want to experience by sitting in that energy and surrendering to the process.

  • We set intentions to gain clarity. You are never going to get “there” if you don’t know where you are going.

  • There are certain times where it is super powerful to set intentions. It feels super natural to set intentions with the stages in our lives and the mark of something new—like new years, months, or big life events. It’s also really powerful to work with the energy of nature by working with seasonal energy and the energy of the moon cycles or astrological houses.  

  • It’s important to consider what you really want to call into your life—not what you don’t want. When we focus on what we don’t want, we are actually giving the negative more energy and perpetuating it further. What you give energy to grows.

  • As you set your intention, feel what it will feel like when that moment occurs. When you connect to the feeling and emotion of seeing your intention realized, you set your energetic vibration at a level that will actually help you call in your attention—pretty cool.

If this cliff notes version has you wanting more, make sure you listen to the full conversation on iTunes, stitcher or google play.


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