The Chakra System: Understanding Your Energy Centers

akashic records

What Are The chakras?

The chakras refer to the seven major energetic centers of the

WHy understanding the chakras are important

the benefits of balancing your chakras

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the obstacles and challenges you are facing or have faced


It’s a channeled experience. The records themselves are a spiritual, not physical resource. The access point into the Akashic Records is through my intuitive channeling abilities. Through a very structured process, I connect into the energy of the Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Keepers of the records and channel the information directly from the source.

An Akashic Record session is guided by your questions. After an initial grounding meditation and opening prayer, Kristen will call in the arch angels and your spirit guides and then connect in with the Keepers of the records, Ascended Masters, and Loved Ones that are present and ready to answer the questions you have. From there, you’ll ask questions and Kristen will channel the information she’s receiving.

FREE chakra mini course

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Learn how to talk to your spirit guides, the importance of fate & freewill in our spiritual growth, how to tend to your energetic health, and build your spiritual practice.


About Kristen

Kristen Rice is a modern day Mystic, certified Behavioral Health Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer. 

Her soul carries the ancient wisdom of many past lives lived as healers, seers and priestesses in some of the most ancient civilizations of this world. Her intuitive gifts include clairvoyance, channeling, and astral travel.

Kristen created Raw & Ritual, a sacred container for deeply personal soul work where she teaches people all over the world how to cultivate deep, meaningful connection to themselves, others, and spirit. 

She believes every person has the capacity to feel joyful in their lives no matter what they’ve experienced.