A Reforestation Revolution


What if we lived in a world where we gave back to the Earth as much as we took from it?

In this episode, I talk with Clare Dubois founder of Tree Sisters about her reforestation mission and why it’s so critical that we start restoring our Earth’s resources.

Three things I came away with in this episode:

1. We must start taking responsibility for our future and we must do it now.

2. Restoring the planet is as much an inner job as it is an outside job.

3. Trees are pure magic. Not only do they hold the most bio-diversity on our planet next to the ocean, but they also absorb our carbon footprint, restore rivers and streams, produce rain, cool our land, and guard against weather extremes.
>Our physical and psychological health is directly impacted by the health and wellbeing of our planet. We’ve taken too much for too long and we can’t deny what Science is telling us any longer. I’m excited to be a part of changing our future for the better--will you join me? If you’re looking at the state of the world and desperately want to do something, but have no idea what to do check out Clare’s course A Courage to Shine starting November 7th!