Healthy Eating with Lisa Rachel Snyder

Lisa Rachel Snyder is a beautiful badass of a healer.

She struggled with food, her weight, and body image for nearly 20 years until a family tragedy led her to yoga, meditation, and compassion, which enabled her to heal her relationship with food for good.

Now she teaches the Beautiful Badass Method so that anyone with compulsive thoughts about food can learn how to be free of them and eat intuitively.

If you want a healthy relationship with food, your body, and yourself, so you can live your life, eat what you want, and recognize the beautiful badass that you are, you can join Lisa's next 7-week online course on January 1.

In this episode, Lisa shares—

  • How her brother’s suicide was a catalyst for her own personal transformation and healing.

  • How we’re able to make choices in what we believe that make for a happier existence.

  • What eating disorders can look like outside of anorexia, bulimia, and what we’re taught in 7th grade health class.

  • What a healthy relationship with food actually looks like.

Lisa shares her Beautiful Badass Method, a seven step chakra-based method to a healthy relationship with food, your body and yourself.

Lisa demystifies self-love and teaches people how to love yourself by working through tools and finding the ones that work for you in your experience, where you are.

You can find more information on LIsa’s courses, programs and other offerings at and connect with her at @lisarachelsnyder on instagram.