Let It Out with Katie Dalebout


In this episode, Brittany chats with fellow wellness podcaster, the lovely Katie Dalebout. They chat about Brittany’s connection with Katie’s work and how it was so helpful when she was searching for conscious conversation on all things wellness, spirituality, entrepreneurship and so much more.

It is so refreshing to see women in their 20’s following what inspires them even if the path isn’t always super clear. Katie is a great example of someone who is raw in her journey and is open with bringing us all along for the ride.

Some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • Following a path that leads to fulfilling those creative pulls

  • Taking the pressure of your passion project

  • How your 20’s is like a second adolescence

  • A different spin on manifesting

  • Our favorite tool to reconnect with our subconscious and intuition

  • Katie Dalebout's book: Let It Out- A journey through journaling

  • How to start your own journaling practice

Things/People Referenced:

Connect with Katie:

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