Live Coaching Series : Fresh Starts


Are you going through a job transition or making a move to a new city? We’ve created a new series where we’re bringing in members of our Raw Collective tribe and offering free Coaching on the podcast.

What we know is that we all have similar struggles and that sometimes we can learn just as much from others as we can from ourselves.

In this episode Kristen + Brittany talk to Bailey K a 23 year old advertising professional who is right in the middle of changing jobs and cities. We talked to her as she was packing up her apartment and getting ready to move back to Vermont for a new job.

Kristen gives a mini Angel Card Reading to reflect on where Bailey is and what’s ahead using the Energy Oracle Deck and Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck. Where the Thinking Woman reversed and The Witness cards gave us insight into what she should be cultivating and creating—spoiler alert it has to do with learning how to listen to her true Self.

We took Bailey through an exercise we learned from Liyana Silver on connecting into our natural Feminine Genius and intuition.

And we answered Bailey’s question on how she can focus in on her health, personal growth and wellbeing while career and social life are a top priority. How do we fit it all in. How do we do it all? We also dive into how to cultivate a tribe when moving to a new city.


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You can connect to and learn more about Bailey on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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