I believe anyone can access and live in the frequency of joy, no matter what you’ve experienced or lived through.
— Kristen Rice

6 Month Higher Healing + Alignment Package

This six month program works on balancing each of the body’s seven main energy centers to help connect you to the inherent joy that resides inside of you—tucked away and often buried under subconscious belief systems, unhealed wounds, and layers of societal conditioning.

The key to long-lasting energy healing isn’t about a healer going in and moving energy around once, it’s about resetting the energy while simultaneously healing and re-programing the source of the imbalances. Often it’s our daily thought patterns that cause our energy to get unbalanced so in order to fully heal the symptom we have to dive into the source.

The six month package is ideal for people who feel they need or want to explore with more depth and integrate more healing and subconscious work. If you’re feeling stuck in an area of life, want to dive into each energy center, or are looking to heal deeper wounds, this package is for you.

Together, we’ll reconnect you to who you are on a soul level and decondition the beliefs, energy patterns, and expectations of others that are holding you back.

What you’ll get in each session

  • Pre-planned topical session and healing exercise to help you in your journey

  • Intuitive guidance, reflection, and oracle card reading

  • A reflective exercise to help you heal the patterns that are keeping you stuck in-between sessions

  • A meditation or kundalini practice to help you expand and go deeper in-between sessions


Session 1 Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Asking the Question: Who Am I, Really?

Connect With Your Unique Essence

Intuitive Energy Reading


Session 2 Sacred Contracts

Reviewing Your Sacred Contracts

Looking at Your Archetypal Influences

Archetypal Light & Shadow Attributes

TribalElements - Black_09.png

Session 3 Root Chakra

Stability and Safety

Faith Over Fear

Grounding into The Physical World

Connecting to Mother Earth

TribalElements - Black_12.png

Session 4 Sacral Chakra

Releasing Stagnant Emotions

Balancing Pleasure vs Pain

Energetic Coping Mechanisms


Session 5 Solar Plexus Chakra

Connecting Into Your Inherent Self Worth

Releasing The Energy of Shame

Opening & Balancing the Third Chakra


Session 6 Lower Chakra Healing

How Are You, Really?

Healing Subconscious Imprints

De-conditioning the Subconscious Mind


Session 7 Personal Power

Remembering Your Personal Power

Reclaiming & Calling Back Your Power

Stepping Into Your Sovereignty

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Session 8 Heart Chakra

Forgiveness & Grief

Cultivating Unconditional Love

Choosing Love Over Judgement (Self & Others)

TribalElements - Black_27.png

Session 9 Healing Heart Chakra

How Am I, Really?

Opening The Door to Receive

Cord Cutting Healing Meditation

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Session 10 Personal Truth

Living In Integrity

Speaking Your Truth to The World

How to be Impeccable With Your Word


Session 11 Connection

Accessing Your Spirit Guides

Working With & Understanding Intuition

Shamanic Power Animal Journey


Session 12 Closing

Closing Ceremony

Connecting to The Frequency of Joy

Living From Joy


  • You have a really good life on paper, but know there’s something more—more joy, more fulfillment, more meaning, more connection.

  • You’re CRAVING more depth in your life

  • You’re looking to connect to yourself on a deeper energetic and spiritual level

  • The idea of learning about spiritual and energetic topics genuinely excite you

  • You are willing to be seen, witnessed, and accepted whole heartedly

  • You are financially secure and ready to make an investment in your overall health and happiness

“I have always felt so nurtured and seen around Kristen. Her uncanny ability to help me tap into the deeper reason in areas where I’ve felt stuck, has empowered me. She cares so deeply about her tribe and I would recommend her to anyone seeking to grow spiritually.”
— Norma R
“I would trust Kristen with my life. She has that magical combination of integrity, huge amounts of experience, loving care and creativity. She’s a truly talented coach and a very special human being.”
— Gemma B