Have you gotten all the things that “should” make you happy, but still feel like something’s missing because Inherently you know there’s something more?

You might have started beating yourself up thinking that something is wrong with you, that you’re broken, too damaged, that you “should” feel more grateful, better than you do.

You might not actually believe that real, genuine, happiness exists. You’ve been told how hard life is over and over. You’ve been hurt and wounded. You’ve made mistakes and learned lessons.

But deep down you know it’s possible. You feel that there’s something more.

What you’re craving is JOY and the only thing in the way of being lit up by your life—is the willingness to do the work to connect into your inner light

The solution isn’t our mindset. It’s not positive thinking. It’s not a new job or finding the right career.

The good news is you don’t have to know HOW to change your inner world—you just have to make the choice to show up and be willing.

Are you willing to do the work to ignite the light of joy inside of you?

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Program Details:

I’ve created two programs to help you reach higher alignment in all that you do.

Each month we’ll gather together twice over Zoom to explore, expand and play in opening you up to the full expression of your inherent joy.

We’ll look at patterns at play in your current life

You’ll be fully seen, witnessed, understood, celebrated and loved

I’ll share reflections and pull oracle cards

We’ll move through energetic practices, meditations and sacred rituals to move what’s not in your highest good and connect you into more clarity with your soul’s desires

We’ll hold an opening and closing ceremony for whichever program you choose so that we’re setting a sacred container and space to do this deeply personal work together.

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What you’ll take away:

Deeper spiritual connection

Discover your unique essence and energetic thumbprint

More connected to your own personal power

Spiritual tools and practices to access, enhance and receive guidance from your intuition

Learn spiritual tools to help protect your energy, stay in alignment with your natural essence

3 Month Expansive Joy Package

Opens you up to expand into your own inherent joy by connecting you deeply to your own soul.

6 Month Higher Healing + Alignment Package

Deeper exploration and integration of the Expansive Joy Package

Align and open the energy of all seven major energy centers in the body

Explore, release, and heal old wounds that are keeping you stuck on an energetic level

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This is for you if:

You have a really good life on paper, but know there’s something more—more joy, more fulfillment, more meaning, more connection.

You’re CRAVING more depth in your life

You’re looking to connect to yourself on a deeper energetic and spiritual level

The idea of learning about spiritual and energetic topics genuinely excite you

You are willing to be seen, witnessed, and accepted whole heartedly

You are financially secure and ready to make an investment in your overall health and happiness

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