spiritual “happy hour” At the Heartbeat Collective

Drop in community circle every other thursday 6pm

First Circle Free with code FIRSTFREE

Within the noise of the bustling world and the endless chatter of the mind—can you hear the whispers of your soul?

You’re invited to take space within the week to gather in community to receive intuitive reflections, guidance, and gather in spiritual practice.

Are you craving a place where you can connect to others on a deep, meaningful level?

A judgement free zone where you can show up to be seen and witnessed exactly as you are—in joy or pain?

Looking for intuitive guidance from a trained professional at a fraction of the price?

Interested in personal growth topics, energy clearing, and spiritual practices?

Our weekly Sacred Medicine Circle is a powerful space to come together in community to be witnessed in your wholeness and sovereignty.

No one circle is the same. Each circle will be a reflection of what the energy of the collective is calling for and can include a sharing circle, oracle card reflections, group coaching, guided meditations, or group energy healing.

Every Circle Includes—

  • Energy Clearing Meditation

  • Guided Sharing Circle

  • Intuitive Messages and Reflection

  • Energy Healing Element

This is the happy hour your soul has been searching for.

Use the code FIRSTFREE for your first circle free.

spiritual happy hour
“I went to the Spiritual Happy Hour (SHH) at The Heartbeat Collective and I can’t wait to go back. I just moved to Oakland, and this is the perfect way for me to be involved in the community and be surrounded by like-minded women. Kristen is super knowledgeable with her spiritual guidance. It also felt like a mini therapy session! SHH is the perfect way to spend a Thursday evening, and you know that you are doing your soul a huge favor by attending! Thank you for creating this community, I am looking forward to exploring more that there is to offer.”
— Rhiannon

The Heartbeat Collective believes spirituality should be down-to-earth and approachable. A place for yoga, healing, and community—the HBC was created for people to get more than they came for. Join us this Thursday.


Kristen Rice is a modern day Mystic, Spiritual Guide and Intuitive Healer.

Her soul carries the ancient wisdom of many past lives lived as healers, seers and priestesses in some of the most ancient civilizations of this world. Her intuitive gifts include clairvoyance, channeling, and astral travel.

With formal training in Behavioral Health Coaching, she combines her intuitive gifts with professional training to help people connect more deeply to themselves, others, and spirit.

She believes every person has the capacity to feel joyful in their lives no matter what they’ve experienced.

Every Other Thursday at 6pm starting April 18th

3630 Telegraph Avenue

Oakland, CA

Enter on 37th ave, through the building’s side door.

Use the code FIRSTFREE for your first circle free.