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Expansive Joy.

Higher Alignment. Energy Healing.

Sacred Work.

All sessions listed here are conducted online over Zoom Video. For in person work, please book through The Heartbeat Collective.

Sacred Medicine READINGS

A combination of intuitive reading, energy healing, and prescriptive practices. Do you know how to hear the whispers of your soul, what it’s longing for, what medicine it’s craving?

Come as you are, leave with insight and guidance to what your soul needs most right now.

Spiritual Coaching Sessions

Looking for clarity, healing, or general guidance? Connect and heal subconscious beliefs that are holding you back from feeling deeply connected and fulfilled in your life. This is the place to tend to and heal all the old wounds keeping you stuck.

Spiritual “Happy Hour” in oakland, ca

6pm every Thursday at The Heartbeat Collective

This is the HH your soul’s been craving. A community style circle and group coaching experience. A powerful space for people to be witnessed, to be in community with whatever is present for you, and to receive reflections and guidance in a group space. These circles are for everyone who craves more meaning, depth, and community in their lives. Show up to connect and be guided through reflection, energy, and intuitive practices at an affordable rate. First circle free with code “first free”

*no alcohol served

Shamanic Spirit Animal Journey

Discover your spirit animal through a guided meditative journeying process and receive the message and qualities that you’re ready to invoke and embody in your life. Find out which animal spirit in your totem is actively supporting this season of your life.


SPIRITUAL COACHING is right for you if you’re looking to—

Connect to yourself on a deeper energetic and spiritual level

Release subconscious imprints that have been keeping you stuck from manifesting what you desire.

Discover your unique essence and energetic thumbprint

Learn how to access, enhance to and receive guidance from your intuition

Reconnect to your worthiness, develop more self compassion, and put self love in action

Gain spiritual tools to help protect your energy and stay in alignment

This is for you if:

  • You have a really good life on paper, but know there’s something more—more joy, more fulfillment, more meaning, more connection.

  • You’re CRAVING more depth in your life

  • You’re looking to connect to yourself on a deeper energetic and spiritual level

  • The idea of learning about spiritual and energetic topics genuinely excite you

  • You are willing to be seen, witnessed, and accepted whole heartedly

  • You are financially secure and ready to make an investment in your overall health and happiness

“I have always felt so nurtured and seen around Kristen. Her uncanny ability to help me tap into the deeper reason in areas where I’ve felt stuck, has empowered me. She cares so deeply about her tribe and I would recommend her to anyone seeking to grow spiritually.”
— Norma R
“I would trust Kristen with my life. She has that magical combination of integrity, huge amounts of experience, loving care and creativity. She’s a truly talented coach and a very special human being.”
— Gemma B