Week 1: What Is Spirituality?

What Is Spirituality?

Whether you’re searching for the Truth with a capital T or your Truth, both are spiritual journeys.

I can’t tell you what to believe in, your truth is yours to discover, but I will share what I believe in regards to spirituality.

Spirituality is the belief in something greater than what the eye can see and the mind can fully comprehend while following a path or practice of becoming a truth-seeker.

It is the practice of embracing and knowing that a greater force exists and that we are but a small part of a much bigger picture.

Spirituality is non-denominational and a relationship to a higher power of your own heart and understanding.

Spirituality is inclusive of all the world’s great religions.

It’s my deepest belief, that religions are just different paths to the same God—that all of the world’s places, cultures, and individual people are so uniquely different that we need different ways to connect. Your spiritual practice will be about defining what works best for your soul and helps you expand into a higher vibration and level of consciousness.

Where religion puts emphasis on certainty and literal interpretations of dogmatic texts, spirituality embraces the uncertainty of not-knowing what the Truth is, understanding that the human mind can not actually process the magnitude and nature of what exists outside of us. We come to this life to grow and expand our soul and not knowing what’s beyond this life allows us to fulfill our human purpose.

One of the first steps in deepening your spirituality is to really look at what it is you believe in at a core level. The attached workbook will help you flush out your personal belief system. Think of these exercises as a process of discovery—uncovering what it is you believe at this time. Don’t worry about perfectionism or if there are things you are still seeking, your beliefs will grow, expand and change as you do the same. Download the workbook here:

Spiritual Belief Workbook.png

Let me know how your discovery process goes here, by email, or on insta!