Week 2: Your Spirit Team

Your Spirit Team

Whether or not you’re talking directly to your spirit guides, they’re always listening, the question is are you listening?

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to develop a deeper, connected relationship with your guides and other spirit helpers. This workbook will give you resources to start opening the door to connection and receiving guidance, it’s your job to keep the door open and to pay attention to what comes through that door.

What are Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are light beings (upper world spirits) whose jobs are to help you become the highest manifestation of yourself.

You may have one spirit guide or many. They may stay with you through your whole life or may come in and out for different parts of your journey to help with specific things.

They help orchestrate events and synchronicities that will move you toward your potential and away from self-destructive patterns.

They throw in road blocks when you’re going down the wrong path.

They shut doors when the doors need to be shut.

The give miles of green lights when you’re going the right way.

They direct you to take a different route home when there’s about to be an accident the other way.

They whisper in your ear things like “sit there, next to that person” without your conscious awareness.

how to talk to your guides download:

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