Week 3: Fate & Free Will

What are Sacred Contracts?

Sacred contracts are our soul agreements that we make to each other on a soul level. 

This includes events we are fated to have happen in our lives, people we are fated to meet/have relationships with, and the roles we play out through our lifetime. 

These contracts are agreed upon and entered into by our higher selves to serve the purpose of our soul's growth. 

They exist so that we might live out our karmic purpose for this lifetime. Learning the lessons our soul came here to learn. 

Recommended Read : Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss

The Role of Choice

It's through our choice and free will that we navigate fated events and get to determine how we define ourselves and our life.

For example, most of our formative years (0-13) are contracted. They build our subconscious belief system and create the archetypes we will identify with through adulthood. 

We've contracted with our soul-family what roles we will play with each other and how we will show up in those roles.

Many of our core wounds and defining life events are contracted. 

We then get to spend our adult life deciding if we are going to make choices and decisions from those wounds, fears, or ego OR if we will choose healing, love, and the gentle whisper of our soul. 

The real choice in this life is how you respond to what has happened or what others present you with.  

A note on Victimization

There are times in our lives we are legitimate victims—victims of traumas that we had no control over. Connecting into the victim can help us see that we weren’t responsible for that action happening, however the shadow side of the victim gives away its power to something else in exchange for sympathy or pity. The Victim archetype is a great protector of the ego and our self esteem, however, it can be detrimental in our growth. 

It’s my deepest belief that when we transform what has happened TO us into what has happened FOR us to become the highest manifestation of our self, we find healing and return to our power. 

As long as you are in victim mode, you give your power to the perpetrator and renounce your ability to claim your future through choice.

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