Week 4: Energetic Hygiene

Energetic Hygiene is all about tending to your own energetic self so that you are so clear, clean, vibrant and alive that you create such a beautiful high vibrational energy field that you’re shining out brightly like the sun. 

You don’t have to worry about other people’s energy bringing you down or overtaking your system if you’re tending to your own energetic vibration with care and consciousness.

Often when we are in social situations, it’s easier for a higher vibrational being to lower their vibrations to match others. It’s much harder for a low vibrational being to increase their vibration in the moment. So, it’s not that others are pulling energy from you, you are unconsciously lowering your vibration to meet theirs. The power to stay high vibration, is all within you and can be cultivated with conscious intention.

Energetic Hygiene Workbook to be posted!