Clear Channel Meditation

Reset your energy and clear your intuitive channels with this ~11 minute guided meditation and visualization. This is a great tool for empaths who feel like they take on the energy of others to reset their energy back to their natural base line.

This meditation creates a clear channel by connecting you deeply to the earth and to source energy while clearing out all energy that is blocking your channel to connect to yourself deeper. The perfect daily meditation for those who are looking to deepen their relationship with their intuition and connect deeper with spirit.

Gratitude Meditation

This meditation connects you into the soul of gratitude and what gratitude feels like in your body. Instantly raise your vibration through this ~11 minute guided meditation. A daily gratitude practice has been scientifically shown to increase fulfillment and daily happiness by re-wiring your sub-conscious belief system.

Gratitude also activates the sacral chakra and is the birthplace of manifestation. Connecting into your present time gratitude creates more abundance by changing the root cause of a scarcity mindset.