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Preparing For Spring Reflection Rituals

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As winter wains and we approach the increase of warmth and light through the gateway of the Spring Equinox on March 20th, it’s good to sink into this transitional period of moving out of yin energy into the next cycle of active yang energy.

The seasons for productive work & play energy are just a month away. As we move out of the cold, restful, hibernating, stillness, and inwardness of the Winter season it’s time to acknowledge the waking up and stretching that will need to happen in order to step into Spring.

Spring holds with us the promise of new life, the earth’s fertility, waxing sun and longer days.

The energy is building in the natural world and within us, now’s the time to uplevel and ready yourself for action towards your dreams, desires, and goals. The more in-line with the seasons our intentions are, the more we work with nature vs. against it. We find ourselves floating down-stream, propelled by the natural current of change.

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