Working with Kristen is magical and was a deeply clarifying experience for me. I came to this session from a place of confusion, wondering which of two directions were best for me. My Akashic Record reading with Kristen was exactly what I needed to move forward with confidence and make an aligned decision. I would recommend an Akashic Record Session to anyone who is feeling like there’s something deeper at play in your life or business that’s creating a sensation of “stuckness”, but is having trouble accessing that inner or higher wisdom. Kristen holds a beautiful, safe, sacred, and un-biased space and her ability to access the records adds such a unique layer to the kinds of insights that are provided!

— Emily Cassel, Women’s Business Coach

“I have always felt so nurtured and seen around Kristen. Her uncanny ability to help me tap into the deeper reason in areas where I’ve felt stuck, has empowered me. She cares so deeply about her tribe and I would recommend her to anyone seeking to grow spiritually. AND, she runs circles around others in business. Her ideas are creative and she’s a logistical ninja! I just love her.”
— Norma Rubio, TV Producer & Meditation Teacher

Have you ever experienced a moment of serenity, where your mind is blank, but you feel so alive and present? That’s what a session with Kristen is like.

I came to Kirsten looking for clarity with a particular areas of my health. Kirsten set up the session with some key questions and areas to consider in a welcome packet. I prepared for the session, but didn’t expect what I would receive! Through the session, I gained more awareness on the challenge itself. During the session I felt so supported—not just by Kirsten but by the energy she called into the room. My health challenge became much clearer and how I should move forward. It moved beyond the intellectual, it felt like my whole body could feel the difference and the answers. The Akashic Record reading is perfect for you if you are facing a transition or have a question and want to tap into more than your mind and intellect to make the decision or bring deeper awareness to the challenge.
— Carla Blumenthal, Men's High Performance Coach

I can honestly recommend these sessions to everyone. I had actually never heard of akashic record readings, but something drew me to book a session, and I’m so happy that I did. Kristen blew me away with her ability to tune in and deliver such clear messages that resonated so deeply with me. I really connected to everything that she told me, and she made sure to clarify key takeaways, so I left the session inspired on how to move forward. In my session I asked specifically about past lives, my spirit guides, and my life lessons, and Kristen’s intuitive abilities gave me valuable insights that I really cherish. Thank you so much for the reading Kristen!
— Leila S, Holistic Life Coach

“I would trust Kristen with my life. She has that magical combination of integrity, huge amounts of experience, loving care and creativity. She’s a truly talented coach and a very special human being.”
— Gemma Brady, Producer & Founder Sister Stories

I have come to Kristen for personal counseling and life coaching for over two years now. Kristen has helped me during some of the hardest times of my life as well as some of the happy times in my life. Regardless she provides me with the support, tools, and advice I need day to day. I feel more calm, confident, and happy since she has been a support system in my life. She is kind and gentle and always professional in her opinions and guidance. I feel like I can handle anything that comes my way being my best self because of the advice and guidance she has given me. I am grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Kristen. She truly is a wonderful soul and has helped me in more ways than I can describe.
— Lauren, Account Executive

I loved my Akashic Record Reading with Kristen! She has such a safe and loving energy and helped me find a lot of clarity regarded what is conditioned within me versus what is real. She also revealed a beautiful truth I held on to unconsciously and now that it is brought to light, I feel so much more permission to be myself which is so liberating and exciting. Kristen is an amazing ally if you are looking to grow and step more into your truth!
— Hannah

I feel like so much of what we discussed was a confirmation of things I felt. It took me a while to go through and process my thoughts, but I loved learning about myself. It’s never easy to look in the mirror and focus on yourself, but the way everything is delivered is very gentle. I felt like I was talking to a friend, and Kristen was great about reframing my thoughts and conversation into more meaningful questions. During the session, I felt really emotional. Afterwards, I needed the time to go through everything I’d heard. Now, I just need to book another session!
— Laura

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